The European Commission prepares for the ECJ invalidating Privacy Shield

The ECJ is due to rule on 16th July as to whether Standard Contractual Clauses will continue to be a valid way of transferring personal data to Third Countries. They maty also adopt a position on the Privacy Shield agreement used for transferring personal data to participating US organisations.

Emma Green from Green CDL says “This is not the first time this has happened, the predecessor to Privacy Shield, Safe Harbor, was invalidated by the ECJ back in 2015 leaving many organisations exposed. This led to a number of large organisations being penalised for not adopting the new agreement.”

Home workers targeted by Russian hacker group Evil Corp

As the majority of workers are now working from home due to the current pandemic Russian hacking group Evil Corp have been taking advantage of this sudden change. Organisations had to adapt almost overnight from protecting a single network to protecting hundreds or even thousands of potential openings. Studies have also shown that home workers are more likely to take security less seriously than they would do when working in the office.

Roblox accounts hacked

User of the online game complained profiles were hacked and sending messages to other users stating “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year”. Additionally avatars were altered and dressed in similar attire to that of Trump supporters. Users have stated they still had access to their accounts and were able to change their avatars back again.

University of California San Francisco admits to paying ransomware

The university, has admitted to paying hackers $1.14 million following a ransomware attack occurring on their networks. Companies are increasingly paying to retrieve their data despite being advised not to by law enforcement agencies as they see this as their only option. John Green, in house data protection and cyber security lawyer says “prevention is better than cure as quite often there is no cure, it is important organisations do all they can to prevent these attacks occurring in the first place, hackers gaining access is often a very simple and easy attack that could have been prevented with basic measures.”