Australia targeted by state based cyber attacks

According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Australia’s government and various institutions have been targeted in an ongoing sophisticated state-based cyber-attack. The attacks have been happening over many months and continue to increase. Although Mr Morrison did not name specific departments he stated that it had spanned “government industry, political organisations, education, health, essential service providers and operators of critical infrastructure.”

Wiggle investigating cyber attack

Online sports retailer Wiggle is investigating a possible cyber attack after a number of complaints from customers their accounts were showing fake orders they had not placed or they had received emails stating their account details had changed. Wiggle has been criticised for their initial dire response to customers but has since placed an announcement hidden deep on its website.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) thwarts largest ever DDoS cyber attack

DDos attacks are designed to take down websites by flooding them with huge amounts of requests until it crashes. According to Amazon it was hit by an incredible 2.3Tbps of data, to put this in comparison this is around half of all the traffic BT sees on its entire UK network during a normal working day.

1 in 5 experience cyber fraud each year

According to a new report, the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey, 1 in 5 adults who use the internet have experienced some form of cyber fraud.

Foodora data breach affects customers in 14 countries

Online food delivery company Delivery Hero have their Foodora brand has been hit by a data breach affecting over 600,000 customers spanning 14 countries. Although this affected customers in a number of countries across Europe it appears not to have affected customers in the UK. The company is not yet aware of how the data breach occurred.

Tait Towers Manufacturing hit by data breach

The company which manufactures equipment for live events has been hit by a data breach affecting personal and financial informations of its employees. It is understood hackers accessed a server and a number of email accounts. John Green, cyber security lawyer from Green CDL says “It is likely the breach occurred as a result of an employee clicking a link or opening an attachment in an email, something that may well have been prevented by proper training of staff.”

Online retailer Claire’s hit by cyber attack

Online retailer Claire’s and its sister company Icing have been hit by a digital skimming attack. Hackers injected malicious code that intercepted customers details entered during checkout and diverted the information to “claires-assets” domain registered back in March to an unknown third party.

Card details belonging to customer of Intersport in the Balkans stolen

The company managed to fix the issue within several hours, the attack affected customers in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina.

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