50% of remote workers Ignoring cyber security

The current pandemic has brought about a forced change for organisations as many employees are working remotely from home. This has resulted in a distinct lack of any IT security team’s ability to focus on the employees and their cyber security. According to Tessian 52% of employees believe that, when they are working from home, they can get away with riskier behaviour putting businesses at risk of cyber attacks.

John Green, in house lawyer at Green CDL, says “It is important that cyber security is, and remains, at the forefront of every employees mind both during the lockdown and in the future, it is important now more than ever to ensure all your staff undertake appropriate working from home and cyber security basic training at regular intervals”.

Honda’s global operations hit by cyberattack

In a statement the Japanese car manufacturer confirmed that a cyberattack has taken place on the Honda network which has impacted their systems globally. They further said that the virus had spread throughout its network affecting its ability to access computers, servers, emails and other services.

Green CDL and Greater Manchester Police talk Cyber Crime and the Law

A recorded webinar hosted by the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester with guest speakers Emma Green from Green CDL, Cyber Security and Data Protection lawyer John Green and DSupt Neil Jones from Greater Manchester Police.

Data Breach on Babylon Health’s GP App

Babylon Health admitted to the breach when it was contacted by one of its users who discovered he had been given access to dozens of videos recording of other patient’s consultations.

An investigation revealed a number of other users also had access to consultations with others.

The Open Rights Group have instructed lawyer to lodge a formal complaint with the ICO over the test and trace programme

ORG have a number of concerns over the amount of contact data that will be collected and retained by the Government, in particular following Public Health England stating it would retain “personally identifiable “ data of those who test positive for 20 years.

Part 2 of interview with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester and Emma Green from Green CDL

In the second video of a series of 8 Emma Green from Green CDL talks about the latest trends in cyber security with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester.

Finland issues 3 fines for data protection breaches

The Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman, Finland’s equivalent of the ICO, issues 3 fines:

  • Posti Oy fined €100,000 for not providing sufficient information on data protection rights.
  • Kymen Vesi Oy fined €16,000 for failure to conduct a data protection impact assessment.
  • A third company was fined of €12,500 for the collecting personal data unnecessarily of a job applicant

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