North West Police Trends week commencing 19th July

There were 33 reports across the North West this week.  Jobs of note include:

  • A therapy company suffered a compromise of their Office 365 but believed to have stopped any further incidents from occurring through early mitigation.
  • Ransomware or data extortion attack against a wholesalers, rendering their website useless.
  • Compromise of social housing business e-mail for the purposes of sending out malicious e-mails to others. 

PROTECT – There seems to be a rise once more in reports concerning the compromise of social media accounts for the purposes of fraud.  There are also at least two reports concerning e-mail accounts being compromised to proliferate further phishing and spreading of malicious attachments.

Information Courtesy of: The Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester

EU publishes note for post Brexit Binding Corporate Rules

The European Data Protection Board (formerly Woking Party 29) has issued an Information Note stating that before the end of the transition period organisations in the UK who have Binding Corporate Rules or who are applying for the same will need to select another Supervisory Authority as the ICO will no longer be suitable as they will not be in the EU.

Should you require a representative in the EU contact us as we can arrange this through our company that will remain based in the EU.

Universities hit by Ransomware attack

As news emerges this week that York University paid hackers for a ransomware attack they suffered in which personal details of staff and students were stolen, it has been revealed that at least 10 universities have lost data due to a ransomware attack. The attack took place in May on Blackbaud, a provider of cloud services to universities

Russia denies Covid-19 vaccine hacking allegations

Last week we reported about the allegations that Russian hackers, almost certainly state backed, had targeted a number of organisations involved in developing a vaccine.

Russia’s ambassador to the UK stated on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, “I don’t believe in this story at all, there is no sense in it.”

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said it is “very clear Russia did this”.

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