Data Breach at the NHS

NHS Highland said that 31 people received information from a patient list of 284 people, the information included patients’ contact details, date of birth and the name of their clinic

The health board said they have reported the matter to the ICO and are holding an investigation into the matter.

Ticketmaster Fined 1.25m

Ticketmaster have been fined for the data breach in which personal details and card details of up to 9 million customers across Europe were stolen. Many, including the writer, reported theft from their bank accounts during this period after using Ticketmaster.

Journalist Gatecrashes EU Defence Video Conference

Dutch journalist Daniel Verlaan of RTL Nieuws joined the highly confidential video conference after Dutch Defence Minister tweeted a photo that contained the login address and part of the PIN code. It did not take many attempts for RTL to guess the rest of the PIN. John Green, lawyer from Green CDL says “this raises serious questions over the security of confidential EU meetings.”

Bristol City Council Email Blunder Reveals Identities of Families with Disabled Children

The local authority sent an email asking for views on a new support service to hundreds of people and the names of all the children and the email addresses of their primary carers were viewable to all recipients.