Friday 5th June 2020

EasyJet faces Group Litigation Order for data breach

A number of law firms are scrambling to sign up claimants in what will likely prove a very costly breach for EasyJet

Armed Forces Launches Cyber Regiment

A new dedicated Cyber Regiment, known as the 13th Signal Regiment, has been formally stood up this week in a bid to mover the armed forces into the information age. The Regiment will lead the way in protecting frontline operations from cyberattacks.

Virus results of Coronavirus patient sent to business by mistake.

Dozens of patients of NHS Orkney had their Coronavirus test results and confidential details sent to a local business by mistake due to “an isolated case of administrative error” according to NHS Orkney.

Anti-racism sites hit by cyberattacks

In the wake of the death of George Floyd cyberattacks against anti-racism websites has shot up 1,120 fold. An increase has also been seen across Government and military websites in the form of DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, this is where attackers flood a website with traffic to the point it can no longer cope.

Kent PPE firm hit with £800k ransomware attack.

Kent Commercial Services, owned by Kent County Council, has received a demand for £800,000 worth of Bitcoins for stolen data which the hackers threatened to leak on to the dark web. According to the firm no ransomware has been paid and no personal data relating to taxpayers were stolen. The ICO has issued them with data protection advice.

Google being sued for $5bn for tracking in private mode.

A class action ahs been launched in the US against Google for allegedly illegally invading user’s privacy by tracking them when they were browsing in ‘private mode’. Users assume their search history isn’t being tracked when using private mode but this is not the case as admitted by Google but Google denies it is illegal.

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