London law firm Excello Law, with their lure of compensation of £2,000 or more, are just one of many law firms scrambling to be the first to file for a Group Litigation Order against EasyJet following the data breach announced just a few weeks ag on on 19 May.

Since the coming into effect of the GDPR and the coming into force of The Data Protection Act 2018, the latter specifically stating a person can sue for distress caused by a breach, a staggering number of law firms have jumped on to data breach claiming to be experts in this field.

Applying for a GLO prematurely can land you in hot water as happened in Crossley v Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft where a firm applied for a GLO prematurely in the VW emissions case and was subsequently ordered to pay the Defendant £450,000.00 in wasted costs.

Despite this businesses should be very concerned at this trend as the costs of any litigation may well considerably dwarf any sanction imposed by the ICO.

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