Certified Data Protection Administrator

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Our 1 day course is designed to give you all you need to be the designated Data Protection Administrator, that go-to person.


GDPR – Certified Data Protection AdministratorMay 2018 brought with it the biggest change in data protection laws in 20 years. In addition to the GDPR there is the Data Protection Act 2018 to consider.
It is a legal requirement for certain business to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).
Not all businesses can afford a DPO or may have a group DPO and want to train up staff within each business unit to support and report into a group DPO.
Whether you are or are not required to appoint a DPO, either way it is still strongly advised that you appoint someone within your business who is responsible for handling data protection issues.
If this is something you can relate to then this course is ideal for you.
Our 1 day course is designed to give you all you need to be the designated Data Protection Administrator, that go-to person.
This course takes you one step further than the awareness courses, empowering and educating you to what really matters in data protection without the committing to a costly 5 day course, we give practical advice for common tasks such as triage personal data breaches, managing Subject Access Requests.
The course is workshop in style with lots of hands on practical exercises will take your knowledge to the next level.
Topics Covered
Recap of GDPR and Data Protection principles and terminology
Differences between GDPR and DPA ‘18
Knowing your company’s internal policies and procedures
Managing Data subject rights requests such as Subject Access Requests/RTBF
Triage and reporting a data breach to the DPO
Manage staff Data Protection Training
Understand marketing and PECR
Dealing with IT support and external processors
Managing compliance records.
Be that go to person for data protection queries.
Pre-requisiteSuccessful completion of the GDPR all staff training eLearning or attending the awareness training
Ongoing supportIf you need ongoing support or a named DPO we can help you. We have a number of extremely affordable options, we can just give you support, be your named DPO with the ICO and your Privacy notices.
Green CDL Ltd will provide affordable, ongoing DPO as a service for a monthly fee.
Please contact us for more details.


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