Data Protection & Cyber Security

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GDPR and cyber course is engaging and interactive, learn all about these affect your business.


There is a minefield of information out there about GDPR and cyber security which can be confusing and misleading.
Our online course is ideal for businesses who are looking for an overview to the GDPR and cyber security and need to understand the concepts, terminology and compliance procedures.
Our courses are delivered in language you’ll understand so you have a clear way forward.
Why choose us?
Our training is delivered by two instructors, John Green a practicing lawyer who specialises in Privacy and Data Protection and GDPR and Emma Green (CIPP/E) an award winning Data Protection training goddess with extensive hands on real world compliance and cyber experience. We’re a unique, winning combination….check out our feedback below if you don’t believe us!
Topics Covered
What are the different laws
GDPR principles
Controllers and processors – what you need to know
Legal basis
Data subject rights
The impact of cyber on data protection
What to do if there is a breach

Recent Feedback Comments
“Excellent course Expertly Delivered”
“Excellent Course thoroughly interesting very informative”
“Very Knowledgeable”
“Considering the subject nature of this course, I found it to be very interesting and enjoyable, thank you Emma & John! I thought data protection/GDPR would be dull!”
“Enjoyed the course thoroughly, I didn’t want it to end”
“The course was well led and very interactive and informative. Emma and John were engaging, knowledgeable and helpful.
”‘The training was great and Emma and John were absolutely brilliant. All of the attendees agreed that she made what could have been a very boring subject really interesting.’
“Competent, engaging instructor who used lots of real life examples to bring the topic to life. Understandable and clear. I know what I have to do now. Thank you!” “The technical content of this course was fantastic and I was able to absorb it which made it so much easier by the animated delivery of Emma & John Green….excellent thank you!”


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