It is perhaps a telling reflection on the past year that the end of the UK’s transition period with the EU has been a secondary concern for many DPOs in 2020.And yet the end of the transition period may bring the most significant change to data protection in the UK since the implementation of the GDPR three years ago. There remains hope that an adequacy decision may yet be reached, which would allow the UK to continue to access the free flow of personal data provision granted for those within the EU. But organisations cannot rely on this. The stakes are too high, with the risk that the data flow tap from the EU is turned off, and with it the flow of HR records, customer details and data from cloud services. This month’s newsletter is dedicated to the support the ICO continues to offer to help businesses prepare. It includes detail on our upcoming webinar, links to our FAQs, and details on where to find information on instruments like Standard Contractual Clauses that can allow organisations to keep receiving data from the EU. Organisations have overcome so many challenges in 2020. We want to offer our support as you face this final hurdle. Thank you for your support and engagement in 2020, and let’s hope for a more positive and prosperous 2021.

Source: ICO